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About the Artist

Over the years Frank M. Hnat has mastered his pen-and-ink technique to render stunningly beautiful pastel and water color portraits of wildbirds, wildlife, and animals that have won him prominence and an international reputation for wildbird/wildlife artistry. He is one a handful of American artists who have successfully combined an uncommon technical expertise with a keen eye for color, design, and setting to produce unique drawings that are popular with serious collectors, corporations, institutions, and residential buyers Throughout the years, Frank has licensed his drawings to all types of industry and currently has completed drawings for the Smithsonian Institute of Natural History, The National Wildlife Federation along with many, many others.

Using mounted models and birds at his feeders, more rarely, color photographs, Frank is able to produce uniquely soft and gentle detailed drawings of his wildbird subjects. For background settings, he uses scenes from the rustic land that surrounds his rural home in Hickory, Pennsylvania, twenty-five miles west of Pittsburgh. Frank is a lifelong resident of the Pittsburgh area and gained prominence nationally as a graphic designer. After attending Carnegie Instutue of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University and then Art Institute of Pittsburgh, he established a graphic design studio in Pittsburgh that for many years served major corporate clients and won him numerous printing industry awards.

He travels extensively, exhibiting his work and demonstrating his signature artistic techniques at art shows, wildbird shows, and festivals in the United States and Canada. His limited edition prints and award-winning wildbird calendars are distributed in galleries, gift shops and other retail stores throughout North America.

Wild Bird Artist

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